The list

Okay, if you send me the list we can edit it here, then keep extending it in the same one post, as opposed to adding new ones. That way it doesnt get hard to follow. Also, when we’ve done stuff, we can just strike-it-out, and then see how much of it weve done πŸ™‚

The list (of lists)

Together we will:

Lick Emily’s face
Walk over the O2
Spend a night on the narrow boat
Watch a comedy gig
Go to the Mayor Thames Festival
Watch Taken
– Go to the Romford dogs racing
Eat those damn lollies
Have an Essex night out in Brentwood
Eat home-made green tea cup-cakes
Get drunk
Go bra shopping
See a west end show- The Lion King
Make sea food curry Paella & Tandoori Prawns counts I think.
Watch The Holy Grail
Go bra shopping
– Play on photobooth
Make chin faces
– Buy a day travelcard and explore London (pin the tail on the donkey style)
– KS
Looking out onto Pratt St from the bathroom roof hole
Wardour St
– Top golf
– St Pancras Reinassance Hotel
Night or two away outside London
Bens Cookies
Roller disco
Barcelona (loved it!)
– Love Actually
– Go to a gig
– Mosaica
Photos together
Watch Mulan/Pocahontas/The Hunchback of Notre Dame
– Meal with Emily’s dad and co
Be awesome
– Make chocolate cups
Make something e.g. valentines day card
– Draw each other
– Go go-karting
– Have a pic-nic
Relax in the bath
– Play tennis/similar sport
Make a bet
Come Dine with Me
Water fight
– Mighty Boooosh
– Steak & B* Day- emphasis on the steak πŸ˜‰
Ben’s dad’s
– Saaafend
Tidy Ben’s cave
– Rolling Stones
– Road trip
– Random club night out
– Massage course
– (Return to the Magic Fountain)
– Emily to cook another meal (2 courses minimum)
– Choccywockydoodaa cafe (the place where they make chocolate sculptures)
Teach Emily how to use Pinterest
– BBQ by the boat
– Fishing
– Surprise Ben
– Have another sofa talk (the pre-drink one in the west wing)
– Love each other for as long as we’re together
Oxo tower
– Emily to make Ben BBQd bananas and mars bars
– Quasar
– Breakfast at the Breakfast club


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