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Summer Holiday

Sorry for the blog bombardment, I know 4 posts in a day is a lot, but figured this is a good place to put this. I was just pricing up the Spain option that we spoke about. The breakdown works like this:

4 nights in Bilbao- £180
1 night in Pamplona- £40
2 nights in Barcelona- £50

(These are for the both of us, in a nice hotel in Bilbao and hostels otherwise).
=£135 each


If we do it quickly can be brought for less than £100 each, on easyjet, which is a really good price.

Will cost around £50 each, with the longest journey being around 4 hours.

Food and other spending
As much or as little as you like. Keeping it simple, I think this would cost atleast about £200-250 minimum. Maybe a little more to have nice meals out, see lots of shows etc. But I reckon we can keep it low on a budget 🙂

All in it would be £235 roughly, with an extra £250 cost when out there. £485 in total. I can help out a little as a birthday present if that helps? Just wanted to know if this was realistic, or whether you think its better to consider something else? The other option is to remove days or destinations, which makes it cheaper of course.