Emily: Boyfriend Day

So apparently it’s National Boyfriend Day….


Not sure how this is typically celebrated- a lot of hugs, presents and unprecidented public compliments according to Ben, but that might have to wait till I’m next with you.

Hopefully this virtual gesture will do in the meantime


10 things I love about you

  1. You make me smile, lots! 🙂
  2. You’re good at surprises e.g. my birthday, lovehearts
  3. We like the same music (Skinny 😉 )
  4. You rawr, like a dinosaur
  5. Your hugs make me all warm
  6. You make me feel good about myself
  7. You’re “awesome” apparently
  8. You’re attractive
  9. You make me laugh every time I see you, without fail
  10. You get me somehow 🙂

10 things I hate about you

  1. You know that I’m not great with shapes
  2. You made us lose a pedalo race (wth)
  3. You deny that you’re blond
  4. You got me liking buttter
  5. You’re “a mature undergraduate”
  6. You’re a bit insensitive when it comes to polar-bear related deaths
  7. I awkwardly dropped sushi down my top in front of you once
  8. You were way better than me at punting
  9. You say ‘a whole lot of love’ in a funny voice (a positive sneaked in)
  10. It’s hard thinking of bad things about you

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